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How to – Fitting VXR Injectors

So you’ve got the brand new VXR fuel rail and injectors

Have a look at your engine bay and get your head around where everything is, so you know exactly what you’re doing

Remove the crossover (if you have one)

Remove the plastic cover that goes over the engine loom by pushing a screw driver into the tabs till they click in, then you can pull the wires out and have a bit more play so you can move it around

It now looks like this, look at that dirty old fuel rail

Remove the fuel feed and fuel return, the fuel feed is 19mm and the fuel return is 17mm
Put a cloth underneath the lines as petrol will spill out everywhere

Just pull the vacuum line off the FPR and undo the 10mm bolts holding the fuel rail in place

Pull and wiggle the fuel rail up and out so you can see all 4 injectors fairly easily, you’ll have to remove the recirc vac line and throttle body plug so you can pull it up a bit more

Pry these clips off the plugs, so you can pull the loom of the injectors, this is very fiddly, make sure not to drop them as you’ll probably never find them again

Best way to get them off is to use a small screwdriver and pry it out in the corner till it pops out of one of the sides

Once they are out, you can pull the loom off the injectors, then wiggle the fuel rail and injectors out

Compare the 2 fuel rails next to each other and make sure that they look similar and that you’ve got the correct one, also admire the nice new one compared to the old dirty one

Wiggle the new fuel rail into position and push the plugs onto the injectors like so, then push the clips back into position so the new injectors are securely retained in the loom

Push the injectors into their ports so they are nice and snug, then put the 10mm bolts you removed from the old fuel rail in, so the new one is securely down and it’s not going to wobble around or pop off when you driving

Put the fuel feed and fuel return back on and make sure that everything is back the way it should be

Once you’re happy put the crossover back on and put it all back together

You could bleed the fuel system but I didn’t bother

Make sure the fuel lines are nice and tight, and start the car, it will take a bit to get going as there is no fuel anywhere near the engine

Then just let it idle for a while, make sure it’s not hick-uping or misfiring or just generally bad running then after 5-10 mins of idling, take it out for a drive and see how it is
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