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How to – Install Walbro 255lph Fuel pump

here is the kit you get when you purchase a walbro 255lph fuel pump for a vauxhall

Firstly, locate the circular access panel situated underneath the rear seats
It’s easier to find if have no back seats

Open the flap to show the plastic cover

Pry this off using a flat headed screw driver

This will be revealed

Take the connectors off using a flat headed screwdriver, pushing the tabs in like so

Put an old rag underneath the fuel line because when you pull it out a load of petrol will come out, I’ve marked which hose goes on which side to make sure I don’t get them mixed up

Disconnect the plug also,
So you are now at this stage

The next bit is a bit of a ballacre, but with time perseverance and a hammer you’ll get there

Jam a screwdriver in underneath the metal tabs that are surrounding the access panel and pry them up a bit, don’t bend them right up, but enough to slacken the tension off a bit

Now you can either use a metal chisel or a screwdriver for this next bit, I used a metal chisel as it was bulkier and I used a lump hammer as well to get that extra wack

Hit on the side of the tabs sticking out of the metal ring and push the ring anti-clockwise

You can also put a smaller chisel or a screwdriver in the little holes on the flat face of the ring and push it that way, which you can see next to the screwdriver in the previous picture

This takes a lot of time and effort but keep at it and you’ll get it off

Once the ring is fully loose, pull it off and get it out of the way
Then you can lift the access panel up and out of the way

Underneath this, it will look something like this

Now pull the connector off the old fuel pump and make sure it fits into the walbro, if it does happy days it’s plug and play, if it doesn’t then you’ll have to do some cutting and soldering, but as long as you get a Vauxhall corsa kit, then it should be plug and play

Now you have to faf around getting the connector back out the walbro, which takes a bit of messing around with a screwdriver, but you’ll get there

Undo the fuel return line from the access panel and tie a piece of string around the pipe so that you don’t loose it in the bottom of the tank
Also undo the fuel feed hose from the fuel pump, both these clips require you to pry them off with a screwdriver, so be careful not to drop the clip into the tank, otherwise you’ll be fishing around with a magnet for 30 mins trying to get them out

I replaced them with standard jubilee clips as they are much easier to work with

Now you can more easily move the panel around and get it out the way (I didn’t know how to get the fuel level wires out, so I left them and got the panel as much out of the way as I could

To get the fuel pump assembly out, there are these three clips around the outside of the assembly

Circled hear and one round the other side

Push these in using your ring finger, index finger and thumb, once all pushed in you can pull the entire assembly out easily

As you can see underneath the assembly there is filter, it’s a pain to get it off, so I just broke it off

Once broken off it will look like this

Now you can dissemble it to get these three parts
You have to squeeze the clips in which are circled below, then you can pull the top off, and pull the pump out

You have to trim these parts so that they can fit over the pump properly

Slot it all back together with the new pump

Now step back and admire the mess that you’ve made

You should get a new filter with the new pump, you simply just push that onto the bottom of the pump, it is quite a tight fit, so you’ll need some force

Now you have to fight with all the wires and hoses to put it all back together then fight with the seal to put that on, then fight some more to get it all it the correct possition, but once back together it will look something like this

Put the lid back on and bash it closed again, attach all the hoses and plugs then clean up any petrol that has got into your interior

Clean up your interior and put back to way it was

Then start the car up, you’ll hear the pump prime at first as there is no petrol through it

Remember this is an uprated fuel pump, so it is a fair bit louder than standard fuel pumps (you can easily hear it outside the car)

Then just let it idle for a while, make sure it’s not hick-uping or misfiring or just generally bad running

After 5-10 mins watching it, take it out for a drive and see what it’s like, probably won't notice any difference unless your experiencing fuel starvation, but it opens up the potential for more power :D

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