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Ok, I'm making this tutorial as many of you don't find the answers. It has been all over the forum so I'm creating the tutorial to help you out and save your time without having to worry. This tutorial is used for someone, who can't find the solution on how to push the motor ball joints into sockets to get popped in without cracking the mirror. This is only for using the electric mirror only.

What tools you will need:

Flat screwdrivers

What do you need:

Glass mirror with two connectors
A electric motor
Two electric wires

How to:

Step 1: When you have a new mirror that does have two connectors (either on the top and bottom or on the either side of the left and right), put your mirror on the wing like this:

Step 2: Plugs your two wires on the connectors at the backplate of the mirror. This will allow the heat to get it working to absorb the water in the wing housing when it rains.

Step 3: Engage the ball joint on the right side of the motor to the socket.

Step 4: Put a flat screwdriver behind the ball joint to hold it just like this:

Step 5: Push the screwdriver forward to force the ball joint to get into the socket. Don't put your hands on the glass mirror to force against the ball joint, because you will crack it. When you have done this, you will feel the ball joint pop in the socket without cracking the mirror.

Step 6: Put your hand on the middle of the glass mirror and push it forward. It will allow the central ball joint to get into the socket. Push it slighly and don't push it too hard, because you will crack it.

Step 7: Put the flat screwdriver on the ball joint at the top and make sure the ball joint come straight behind the socket. This will help to engage the ball joint to get into the socket when you push it. Push your hands on the glass mirror forward very slightly until when you feel the ball joint pop in.

Sometimes it can happen when you push your hands on the mirror, it will push the ball joint backward. You will have to keep trying until you get lucky. I had my luck when I had put my hands on the mirror to push it forward and the ball joint was popped in. I didn't crack the mirror as far you can see it. :)

The electric mirror is working, here is the video:

If you have any questions, problems or doubts, please ask away! :)
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