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Interior Neon Installation (footwells)

This guide is for those who want to install Internal Neon's to the foot wells of there cars. The following guide we will be using a Corsa C, I would imagine it would be the same principle for the Corsa B.


You will need the following equipment before you begin.

- 2x Neon Lights 12" Internal lights (Colour of your choice)
- Multi head screwdriver thing. (star head)
- Small-ish flat headed screwdriver

First thing's first, you need to have a connection through to the battery. To do this you need to take your star headed screwdriver and get the glove box out. NOTE: 4 screws, 2 underneath and 2 inside.

Once you have wiggled the glove box out you will see to the top left there is some wires going through a gromit. (Small rubber ring with a hole) this is where you can gain access to the outside of the car.

Open up the bonnet and take the battery out or move it to one side if you can. If you look carefully you will be able to see the gromit in the metal body.

Use the flat screwdriver and push the gromit through from the inside out.

Once the gromit has been pushed through get your first neon and attach it to the foot well of the drivers side. I used a bit of electrician tape. With the wire facing the centre console work it round then up the side, and then up behind the back of the glove box, push the wire through the hole in the body and through the gromit.

Do the same for the passenger side of the car pushing the wire through the body and through the gromit.

Once the wires are outside the car push the gromit back into place.

Split the wires so you have the +'s together and the -'s together, the neon's from max power are black & white and just black. The black wire's need to go to the brown battery connection, If you unscrew the clamp so its loose just trap the wire between the clamp and the battery. Tighten it back up and put the battery back into place.

With the other 2 wires you need to fire them into the fuse box. This means every time you turn on your engine your neon's will come on and every time you turn it off they will go off.

If you open up your fuse box you will see lots of little fuses, the fuse we want to use is the no.35 fuse which is used for the Sun Roof, Electric Windows and Radio . This function only uses a 5 amp fuse.

Take the fuse out of the fuse box and put your wire into the right hand hole if looking at it from the side. Push your fuse back into place trapping the wire there. NOTE: this should only be used as a temporary measure. Thread the wire out of the side with the rubber stopper. Put the top of the fuse box back on and tidy up your wires.

NOTE: When tying up the wires please make sure you don't create a coil. If you do there will be more resistance meaning the wires will heat up.

Install the glove box and fix it back into place. If you have any loose wire hanging around in the car you can push most of the wires under the centre console if you undo the screws to each side.

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