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*** Guide Submitted by ShaunC | Don't contact admin regarding further details ***

MFD Removal -- changing bulbs/leds

Firstly, take a look in between the small gaps either side of the hazard light switch. (Pic 1) You should see a small plastic pin. This is similar to a release pin and lock mechanism on a toilet roll holder lol. In the same way, without the spring, this is holding in the air vent.

Now using a very small flat head screwdriver, or something similar, carefully place it into the small gap (Pic 1) and gently push into the side of plastic hazard light switch. The plastic pin on the air vent will come loose from the hole (Pic 2) and should now come out freely. Now do the same on the other side.

Pic 1

Pic 2

Once both vents are out, undo the four T20 Torx screws (Pic 2). Now gently pull out on the whole vent housing towards you. The whole unit should now come out freely. There will be a wire still connected to the rear of the hazard light switch; this can be removed if it gets in the way. It should now look like this:

Pic 3

Now remove the two T20 torx screws holding in the MDF unit. As shown in Pic 3 (blue circles)
The whole MFD unit should now lift out.
Similar to the Corsa B MFD but this one only uses 2 bulbs. Locate the 2 green bulb holders as shown below and just twist lightly to remove.

Pic 4

and thats it! to change the display colour, I bought a few small red and green coloured rubber covers from Maplin Electronics, which I then placed over the original bulbs. You can also buy replacement colour LED bulbs to do the same job. Here is the result:

(Green mfd pic)

(Red mfd pic)

Looks good eh! Remember to re-assembly in reverse order! Also feel free to experiment with the colours. Info on codes/colours at :)

(Mixed Red & Green mfd pic)

And there you have it!

Submitted by ShaunC


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