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Bought the car end of last year not passed my driving test yet so thought would get a car and get under way with what i want to do to it so far i have stripped the interior to respray the back half where im putting my cage in it and carbon fibre doorcards at the back got buckets just need to buy the harnesses.

Day i got it

Converted the clocks to blue



No bumper due to sold it and got a facelift one

Bought some sris wheels to find one had a big dent in it so got a refund but this is how they looked

Headlights sold getting new angel eyes phase 2 at the end of the month

Buckets to go in when i can get the subframes made

Cage Do ave the cross section in the back not had chance to put it in the cage thou just bolts in

Will get some more pics of what it looks like on friday

To Do

Facelift Front Bumper With Irmscher Grill and Spiltter Smooth Bump Strips Out
Facelift Rear Bumper Smooth Bump Strips Out
Facelift Rear Arches
Full Colour Code
Drivers Side & Boot Painted
A B C Plastic Pillars Painted Black
Hiding Wiring Loom In Back
Prepare For Paint
Carbon Fibre Rear Doorcards
Mount Cage
Mount Buckets
Put Centre Console Back Together As Its Gloss Black Know
SRI Wheels
VXR Brakes
Suede Roof Lining

will leave it at that theres loads to do basically :dance:
1 - 20 of 123 Posts