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Heres whats been done :D

Rieger Laser (Race Pro) Front Bumper,
Rieger GT/C Rear Bumper,
Rieger GT/C Side Skirts,
JC Design Spoiler,
All Colour-Codeing Done (Mirrors/Arches/Boot Handle Etc...),
Private Plate - R10 DVL,
17" Mille Miglia EVOs With Fulda Extremo 205/40/17 Tires,
De-Badged Boot,
Removed The Door Strips,
Removed The Door SXi Badges,
Phillips Blue Vision Main/Dipped/Side Light Bulbs,
Richbrook Silver Anti-Theft Aerial

-30mm Eibach Pro Kit

Irmcher Door Pins,
Richbrook Silver Tax Disc Holder,
Richbrook Silver Poppy Coral Air Freshner ,
Max Power Car Mats,
Max Power Harness Pads,
Neoquip Ultra Slim 12" Blue Neons In The Footwells,
Vauxhall Silver Single DIN Facia,
Switch Box With 4 Switch (Interior Neons/Exterior Neons/2xSpare),
Window tints - 20% Backs & 35% Fronts,

Drilled Airbox,
Custom Duplex Quad Exit Exhaust,

Pioneer 7400MP3 Head Unit With Adaptor to make the Steering Wheel controls work

Toad A850T Alarm With Duel Proximity Sensors

Heres a few Pics.....

Loads more pics can be found here.....
Here :


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Is that still on the 30mm Eibachs, cos it looks well low. :D Love the sides and back end, but sorry mate that bumper looks outta place to me. I know it's the same kit, but to me, well I don't know, I just don't like it. Don't take this personally, we all like something different, but it looks a good job, and at least you aint gotta 'shop it anymore cos it's for real.
Oh and how big are those tailpipes???!?? You'll have to be careful if you want in the boot in case you trip over em :lol: :lol:

Looking good mate, looking good :mrgreen:

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Ka$h yeah defo - 30mm eibach.....

My cousin is in the back though - prob weighs 10stone ISH, so it will be lower....

Looked higher than that this morning when i was looking at it :D
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