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New forum so here's some new pix of my corsa. :D

SXi 1.2 16v

Steinmetz Rear Skirt, Color Coded Front V-Grill, Irmscher Fuel Cap Cover, Irmscher Split Oval Silencer, All de-baged (apart from Vauxhall badges), CS + Corsa-C Stickers, Steinmetz Front Spoiler, SRi Front Cross-Hatched Grill, JC Design Rear Spoiler, Steinmetz Side Skirts.

Standard SXi silver interior, 35% Tinted Windows, Irmscher Door Lock Pins, Blue MFD.
Pioneer DEHP77MP headunit (+ steering wheel controls adaptor), with front JL Audio Components, and Infinity 6953i 6x9's in the rear with JL Audio 10WØ Sub and JL Audio e2150 Amp.

17" TSW Reflex et40 (205/40/17)

-30mm Eibach Pro Kit Springs

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Si said:
paul sxi said:
i like that si give us your back bumper :lol:
:lol: :p haha - wrong colour for yours!
That can be sorted :lol:

Loving the front lower - nice and differednt from the normal irmscher stuff people get....

Im really starting to like steiny stuf :D

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Looks good paul (prefer chewy) :D

SRi lower grill and steiny grill look good together....
Steiny front lower looksa good also.....

You got/getting the steiny skirts and rear arnt you chewy (damn i meen paul)??

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theres something about your corsa i really like

its not in your face but looks different

are you going to colour code the arches :?:

have you got rid of the irmscher fuel cap cover or just added it???

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Cheers guys :D

Goochy said:
lush car si! :D

what made you get rid of the fuel cap cover? and was it difficlut to get off without leaving any mess/residue?
It was a little bugger that fuel cap to get off!! :lol: Got half of it off and then was well stuck for a while and then managed to get it off witha but of hot water! It hasn't left any mess or marks just came straight off. I just think it looks smarter with out in now ;) 8)
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