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Hi, I just bought my first car and it happened to be the 2001 1.4 Petrol engine Corsa C. The car seems to be in pretty good shape overall but I'm having few issues with the central locking system and the boot.

Apparently when I press the " l/ " button once it only unlocks the driver door and when I press twice it unlocks the boot and the passenger door as well, however if I try to open the passenger door first, the door simply locks itself again. It's so annoying to see that mechanism on the door slowly locking itself like there is a ghost inside 😂😂 Anyways, is this some kind of a security measure or is the locking mechanism worn out from abuse and should I replace it?

The second question might sound a bit silly but I can't open the boot when I'm on the driver seat. For example, if I were to enter a highway checkpoint I wouldn't be able to open the boot for the police officers to check it without turning off the engine, coming out of my car and unlocking the boot which could be enough to make me lose time and the officers to be uncomfortable since a driver coming out of his car is not an usual sight. And yes, my boot lock is in horizontal ( - ) state. Is there a way to open the boot or at least unlock the boot without doing all that?

Thanks in advance. Have a great day.
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