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Hello and welcome to ccuk. Yes, I have an 02 1.7Di Combo Tour. The Isuzu-made engine is good for hundreds of thousands on little more than regular oil changes (and the timing belt of course). No common-rail or turbo horror stories like other smallish diesels of the early/mid 2000s. Mine takes me to Malaga and back without missing a beat (cheap diesel with the Tesco 拢2/bottle Redex for insurance) which I wouldn't be so confident about in the same-era Renault 1.5dci or Fiat-derived 1.3CDTi

When it's not used (Nov-May) I take the battery indoors because they seem to leak charge (make sure you know your radio code), reconnect in May and it starts first time. The only thing against the Di is the glacial/cosmological timescale of the 0-60. It'll hold legal speeds on the M-ways up and downhill with very little gear shifting but the standing start and joining from a slip road took careful planning. I solved that quite simply by simply adding the intercooler that effectively turns it into a DTi. No programming the ECU or anything, just a bit of pipework and the 65-75hp increase more importantly cuts the 0-60 from >16s to a more handy 13ish seconds which makes pulling away and overtaking a lot more pleasant. It's not 'refined' but I'll trade that for the reliability.

As for the rest of the car, some common problems but mostly niggles. Footwell gets damp when the bulkhead seal lets in rain (and it will) but it's a cheap if messy fix. Front electric windows (not sure if the 02 GLS has them) can go wonky because the lifting arms are made of milk bottle tops. A/C often needs an overhaul at this age (mine was murder and virtually everything was expensively replaced to get it cold again). Nothing major and pretty easy to DIY or cut the labour hours if you leave it to the grease monkeys to service and repair the usual consumables. It's not as flakey as common-rails, but a regular stretch on a fast road is always a good idea. Diesels aren't great for constant urban snarls.

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