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hey guys i havnt been on here for a very long time been!! thought id jus say hi again and put a few pics up of my old corsa and current one also my escort!! im 22 now and i bet its been 2years since i posted on here properly lol!! my old corsa was a 1.4 sxi which i bought totally standard and added a few little extras along the way!! i sold this then to my sister who lives next door lol so still see the car everyday lol!! first pics of the grey one with black and chrome alloys on you may notice at one point i had 1rubstrip missin it left the usual white halo and at the time didnt know how to get rid so on went the rubstrip again

then i seen these and had to have them also irmy front valance added

then sold these wheels cuz i got relly good money back for them then fitted my exclusivs which i had lyin round for years

my sister then bought it and its still looks the same not as mint but still clean lol i then got my rs back on the road !!

at the same time i have this and still driving it now a 1.2 sxi+ and its still only got 18k on it all original!!

and thats where im currently at still have my rs !! drive the corsa eveeyday but its up for sale at the minute!! i fance a 1.8sri so the sxi has gotta go!! sorry to bore u guys and sorry bout the ford pics lmao
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