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Seen several similar very oldposts, but not seen a solution (sorry if I missed anything)

2004 1.0 sudden intermittent start, now no start. Wired lights and jittering throttle body.

Has only done about 400 miles all year but has been kept running/moving round the block every week & kept battery charged.

Suddenly refused to start, then started but sputtered out again. Then started as ran revved fine. Since then non start became more common and now won't start at all. (This happened over 24 hours)

Engine turns over, but no start, no spark and no pulse to the injectors.

Fuel pump seems to be priming and there is fuel pressure.

With ignition turned on, pressing the accelerator causes engine warning light and oil light to flash wildly, accompanied with erratic rattling of the throttle actuator.

Have tried making sure Speedo cable is secure and have cleaned the contacts - no change.

Op com doesn't report any fault codes in any modules, although I've had "can't communicate with ecu" a couple of times. Immobiliser looks to be seeing key as valid.

Will happily run activations, all warning lights and gauges activate as expected. Throttle body activation doesn't seem to do anything much. Throttle position doesn't always change when pressed and comes up sometimes as invalid when it's rattling.

All grounds I can find seem secure and there's continuity everywhere I've tested.

I've seen varying advice from failed Speedo/multiplug, failed throttle pedal, failed throttle body to completely failed ECU.

Question is... Where to go from here? It's my mum's beloved car... She's had since new and she can't imagine driving anything else - best will in the world though, it's not worth putting much money into shotgun parts replacement.

Any suggestions gratefully received!


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Sounds like broken wire from either fuse F30 or F2 to ecu or relay K50 or ecu ground.
Powers & grounds check at ecu with a suitable load test light does the job in lets say 10 minutes. Easy peasy.
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