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Hello everyone,

I've got P0170 code on my Corsa C 1.8L from 2005.

A few symptomes I notice are:
  • When I start the car the revs go up like crazy for a moment, and then when I press the throttle the rpm's go up but when lifting the clutch the car drops dead completely for a few seconds before being able to start driving. During this period of time I can press the throttle as hard as I want, but nothing happens.
  • The car drives fine, but once the code is cleared, it only returns when driving at high speed.
  • Sometimes when going full throttle, the car seems a bit hesitant and holding back.
  • Sometimes whilst waiting at a red light at idle, the rpm's are fluctuating by themselves having a little party.
  • There might be a slight power loss.

Recently i've done the following things:
  • Changed oil & filter
  • Changed fuel filter
  • Changed throttle body

I've checked:
  • PCV vavle: couldn't blow through it
  • Vacuum hoses: no leaks as far as I can tell

I've scanned the car and the pictures down below show the data from the freeze frame, but I don't know how to interpret the data correctly. If needed, I can also share the live-data.

I don't know where to go on from here to solve this code, so all the help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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