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Removing rub strips & de-badging

Heat the rubbing strips with a heat gun to soften the glue underneath and then peel! (Same again for the side badges and the ones on the tailgate)
You'll be left with two strips of double sided industrial sticky tape (if it didnt come off with the actual strip), alls u need to do is maby give it abit more heat and it will peel off really easy.

After the tape has come off there'll a sort of rusty like residue where u've peeled the tape off, not to worry comes off dead easy with abit of tissue and some meths/white spirit.

Even better u could use a drill with a special sander for removing tape and stripes and it even buffs up dulled paint where the rubbing strips had been.

NOTE: Corsa-C|UK does not recommend you take on any body modifications yourself as it can look bad if not done correctly. It is totally at your own risk if you attempt body modifications by yourself!

Originally submitted by a member of CorsaSport


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