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Replacing Your Corsa C Battery

Engine View:

Unscrew screw to the right of battery under your scuttle panel.

Unscrew the screw in pic below also:

Now you need to lift up this panel so you are able to slide your scuttle panel down and off from your windscreen a tiny bit.

Now pull the scuttle panel carefully away from the windscreen (be careful - you dont want to crack it as it probs cost quite a bit from vauxhall for a new one!). This is to give you a bit more space to get the old battery out.

Next un-screw the screw holding the battery in place:

Now disconnect your battery by loosening the negative (-) screw on the clamp on the battery as in pic below, then once negative is off loosen screw on positive (+) and disconnect from battery. You'll loose all your radio presets - you'll need your stereo security code to type in to get it working again if you've not got an aftermarket hu. Also if you've got an alarm you might need to do something to that also but mine was ok.

Now you need to pull the battery out, this is quite tricky but it is possible as I did it on mine! So it does come out (honest!).

Next put new battery into your car in the same place the old one came out and connect it back up. Connect the positive (+) lead to the battery first and tighten up the clamp well as you dont want them coming off, them re-connect the negative (-) lead to the battery.

Then replace scuttle and all screws in reverse order to what you did taking them out.

Job Done.

[Guide written and put together by Simon Reading 2004]
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