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Hi All,

I have a Corsa with a z14xep engine in it. I'm trying to get it remapped for a little more power (questionable i know). the guy couldn't connect to the ECU (also there was logged codes for BCM to ECU CAN communication), and suggested i may have ECU issues. This fits in with the history of the car, as I bought it with bad electrical issues that ended up being a ground.

So I picked up a new reset ECU (exactly the same one: WC version), pulled out the old one, installed the new one, used vauxcom to configure it (immobiliser, new ECU option). But now the car won't start. It fires a few times then dies, and I have the flashing spanner of doom.

If i reset the ECU, and try to start the engine turns over but doesn't fire. If i configure it with Vauxcom, the engine fires a bit then dies.

What have I done wrong? Immobiliser has no codes, ECU has codes for Vehicle ID from BCM and Instruments (I set the VIN on the ECU to the correct one, but the error won't go away) and one for the port deactivation sensor which i have never seen before. The port error makes me wonder if the new ECU is duff.


Edit: these are the same ID codes as i have: Car wont start p1615, p1616 very strange
Edit 2: I got her running, just had to reset the BCM and instruments. this was very helpful:
I still have the p1112 twinport error, but i think i caused that by moving stuff on that side of the engine
Edit 3: twinport error is because i don't have the twinport sensor on my car, variant config. if only my vauxcom would work
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