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Please PM Mike, Lil Sarah SRi or TomB92with your details if you would like to be added to the map.




To reduce the number of sticky's in this region we're now combining the e-mail address thread with this one, to have your e-mail address added please post in this thread.


Please post your details and the regional organisers will add to the list:

Mike – Organiser - Email and MSN: [email protected] Romford

~mia~sxi~ - [email protected] - Southend, Essex
A17XSH - [email protected]
ADMProducer - [email protected] Ashford
Adam945 - [email protected]
amanda - msn/email [email protected]
Andycorsasxi+ - email/[email protected]
arubafresh03 (doug) - [email protected]
B4PJS - msn/email [email protected]
BarmyArmy - [email protected] Slough
bigdawg (nathan) email/msn - [email protected] - West london
Black_SRI_Turbo (Simon)----- [email protected] (msn) Essex
bobbyp90 - [email protected]
Branchy17/Dan [email protected]- Sevenoaks
Breezy_Sxi: [email protected]
Brooksy - Email & MSN - [email protected]
Buckster - [email protected]
C1989 - Email and msn: [email protected]
Callooomuk07 - [email protected]
ch4z - msn/email [email protected]
ChetanR - [email protected] (msn)
Chris_Gsi- email [email protected] msn [email protected]
cjchris - [email protected]
cjgmotor- email= [email protected] - Essex
cjhigson - msn/email [email protected]
Corsa 01: Email and MSN [email protected] - Witham, Essex
corsa_c_jc - [email protected] rainham
corsa_chris - e mail and msn [email protected] Gillingham, Kent
corsa_clare - [email protected] walderslade chatham kent
Corsa_Dan - [email protected] South Woodham Ferrers, Essex
corsa-sxi : [email protected] email & msn - Reading, Berkshire
Cos - [email protected]
cossiecorsa666 - Email/Msn: [email protected] - Ashford Middlesex (Staines/Heathrow)
cubeh - [email protected]
CyberNeT - [email protected]
Damo123 - MSN - [email protected] Horsham, West Sussex
dandaman1990 - [email protected]
Dannbodge- Dann- Msn/Email [email protected] - Watford, Hertfordshire
Danny786 EMAIL: [email protected] MSN: [email protected]
Dannyboyz Corsa: [email protected]
Davey_SXi - [email protected]
David- email [email protected] msn [email protected]
Daz_Gsi (Daz) [email protected]
dduncan - [email protected] facebook: david duncan
dgardier (daniel) - [email protected] - South London
Dope - [email protected]
Dope email/msn [email protected]
drpopper - [email protected]
Duna - Email and msn - [email protected]
EL55LUL: [email protected]
ELLIOTT Email & Msn [email protected] Ashford
extreme corsa (Jay) [email protected]
EYE_ON_ME - email & msn [email protected]
Gazza_DJ - [email protected]
grimwood1992 - [email protected] Croydon
gtc - email: [email protected]
Hickey (Dave) msn/email [email protected]
Hoops – Email - [email protected]
Icewolf9 - Msn and email: [email protected]
J3ffers - e-mail & MSN [email protected]
J3NNA - [email protected] .... North West
Jak113 - Jak - Msn/Email [email protected] - Watford, Hertfordshire
James - Nutkin - Uxbridge - [email protected]
JamieSRI - [email protected]
Jay_Torr - msn/email [email protected]
jaywezzy - [email protected] East London
jimmyp - [email protected] London
Justin_SRi- email and msn - [email protected]
Kevin Bousell msn/e-mail [email protected]
KevinJB Email & MSN: [email protected] Walmer, Near Dover, Kent
Kirsty --- [email protected] (Msn) -
L14M - email: [email protected] or msn: [email protected]
Lee_86 - [email protected] -lee- (romford,essex)
Lewis - [email protected]
Liam_Corsa - [email protected]
Marc - msn/email [email protected]
marcus anthony - msn/email [email protected] Ashford, Kent.
Martynbez - email [email protected] msn [email protected]
matt_damon - [email protected]
Matty - [email protected]
mattyb100 - [email protected]
merge (ben) - [email protected]
mherbert84 - msn [email protected] email [email protected]
Mistymorningsxi+ - [email protected]
motormaniac3000 - [email protected]
NathanD - Email & msn - [email protected]
nicky_sxi: [email protected]
Ollie - Ollie - Msn/Email [email protected] - Croydon, London
owen pearl - [email protected]
palmerda - dave - [email protected]
Pauly_boi: [email protected]
phildapro - [email protected]
Pistonhead78 - [email protected]
Rabuto - [email protected]
RoboThomo: robot[email protected]
RyanSXI - [email protected]
sanger19 - [email protected] Medway/Kent
shadow2908 - [email protected]
Shakespeare (Darren )e-mail [email protected]
shauny bizzle: [email protected]
smudge_don - [email protected]
Snowy - [email protected]
stephenb1988 msn- [email protected] sittingbourne
SpeedX - email: [email protected] MSN: [email protected]
street - [email protected]
Taylor_Sxi - [email protected] (MSN) & [email protected] (Work) Crawley
TJ - email & msn [email protected]
Tomooty - Tom [email protected] email/msn
TriggySri - Lewis Trigg - [email protected] - Grays, Essex
Twinport (Jonathan) msn+e-mail [email protected]
Waz85 [email protected]
wickey- email/msn = [email protected] - Tonbridge, Kent
xJordanx - [email protected] Essex
xxtigertimxx - [email protected]
Zac--- [email protected] (msn)

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Being that all msn addresses are available through someone's profile and "who's in the south east" can be determined from the group does anyone think the contact info part is still required?

A lot of the info is probably out of date now anyway.

Let us know what you think :yes:
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