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Ok first of all you need to remove your cd player, i presume everyone knows how to do this.

You will be left with this, these screws on either side need removing. The front then just pulls away.

Pull the volume knob off, this may require some force dont be scared : )

You then need to remove all these little screws (T6 bit required) This will relese the circuit board keep this somewhere safe. (all the round buttons will fall out at this point dont worry they only go back in one way)

Next step to remove the settings CD/Radio buttons prise them off using a little screwdriver like so:

This middle bit needs masking off, this is so after you spray it light will still shine around the knob.

That is what you are left with all ready to spray.

And if your keen eyed to notice i took photos of these not in order i had a spare in bits so i thaught i would make the tutorial with that.

Hope this helps

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