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i know theres a fuse guide already but while i was doing a relay guide i thought i might as well add the number fuses on as well

will see if i can do the one for under the bcm housing later


there is a table under the picture above to say what relay does what

and heres the fuse list just to keep it in one place

1. Central Control Unit 7.5A

2. Engine Control Unit 7.5A

3. Instruments, 7.5A
Information display,

4. Numberplate Lamp 5A

5. Electric Window (left) 20A

6. Automatic Transmission 10A

7. Headlamp Wash System 30A

8. Starter 10A

9. Fuel Injection Systems, 20A
Fuel pump,
Stationary Heater

10. Horn 10A

11. Central Control Unit 15A

12. Information Display, 20A
Infotainment System,

13. Vauxhall Alarm System 10A

14. Exterior Mirrors 7.5A

15. Windscreen Wash System 15A

16. Courtesy Lamp 5A

17. Central Control Unit 20A

18. Sun Roof 20A

19. Vauxhall Alarm System 5A

20. Electric Window (Right) 20A

21. -------------------------------------

22. Central Control Unit, 5A

23. Windscreen Wiper 20A

24. Infotainment System, 5A
Information Display,
Courtesy Lamp,

25. Brake Lamp 10A

26. Automatic Transmission, 20A
Fuel Injection Systems,
Reverse Lamps
Cigarette Lighter

27. Seat Heater (right) 15A

28. Seat Heater (left) 15A

29. Rear Window Wiper 20A

30. Engine Control Unit 15A

31. Air Conditioning System 15A

32. ABS, 5A
Automatic Transmission,

33. Petrol Engine: 15A
Engine Control Unit

Diesel Engine: 7.5A
Engine Control Unit

34. Diesel Filter Heater 30A

35. Sunroof, 5A
Electric Windows,

36. Dipped Beam (left) 10A

37. Dipped Beam (right) 10A

38. Tail Lamp (left) 5A
Parking Lamp (left)

39. Tail Lamp (right) 5A
Parking Lamp (right)

40. ----------------------------------

41. Fog Lamps 15A

42. Fog Tail Lamps 10A

43. Main Beam (left) 10A

44. Main Beam (right) 10A

45. Interior Fan 30A

46. Engine Control Unit 20A

47. Heated Rear Window 30A

48. Starter 30A

49. EPS 50A

50. ABS 40A

51. Petrol Engine: 60A

Diesel Engine:
Engine Control Unit 80A

52. Cooling Fan:

Petrol Engine 30A
with AirCon

Engine Z10 XE, Z12 XE 20A
Without AirCon

Engine Z14 XE, Z18 XE 40A
Without AirCon

Diesel Engine 40A

53. AirCon Cooling Fan:

Petrol Engine 30A

Diesel Engine 40A

this is what i have found on the net & photoshopped the numbers relays etc following the numbers on the back of my fuse box cover


ps i hold no responsibility if you try this on your own car and you mess it up

pps please move if its in the wrong section

cheers kev

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bcm housing


K24D - dead-lock
K24A - driver door
K24C - unlock
K24B - lock
K74 - rear washer pump
K70 - front washer pump
K67 - horn/alarm
K54 - licence plate
K69B - wiper stage 2
K47 - trumpet horn
K69A - wiper stage 1
K56 - rear wiper
K66 - turn signal

this is what i have found on the net


ps i hold no responsibility if you try this on your own car and you mess it up

pps please move if its in the wrong section/ or if you want it sticky

cheers kev

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Fuses and Relays for Corsa C (Update)

Vauxhall Corsa C, 2001, 1 Litre, fuses and Relay's etc.
1 Central control unit
2 Engine control unit
3 Instruments, information display, horn, hazard warning lights flashers, immobilizer
4 Number plate lamp
5 Electric window lifters
6 Automatic transmission
7 Headlamp washer system
8 Starter
9 Fuel injection system, fuel pump
10 Horn
11 Central control unit
12 Information display, infotainment system, radio
13 Anti-theft alarm system
14 Exterior mirrors
15 Windscreen wash system
16 Courtesy lamp
17 Central control unit
18 Sun Roof
19 Anti-theft alarm system
20 Window lifters
21 N/U
22 Central control unit
23 Windscreen wipers
24 Infotainment system, information display, courtesy lamp, instruments EPS, Immobilizer
25 Brake lamps
26 (Petrol) cigg lighter. (Diesel) automatic transmission, fuel injection system, reverse lamps, cigg lighter
27 Seat heating
28 Seat heating
29 Windscreen wash system
30 (Petrol) Engine control unit. (Diesel) Engine control unit, stationary heater
31 Air conditioning system
32 Heated rear window
33 N/U
34 Diesel filter heater
35 Tilt /Slide sunroof, window lifters, radio
36 Dipped Headlamp beam
37 Dipped Headlamp beam
38 Tail lamp left, parking lamp left
39 Tail lamp right, parking lamp right
40 N/U
41 Fog lights
42 Fog tail lamp
43 Main beam left
44 Main beam right
45 Air conditioning system
46 Engine control unit
47 Heated rear window
48 Starter
49 EPS
50 ABS
51 (Petrol) Easytronic. (Diesel) Engine control unit
52 Cooling fan petrol or diesel engine with or without Air Con
53 Air conditioning system (petrol and diesel, different fuses)


1 Cooling Fan (A) (Green)
2 Cooling fan (C)
3 Cooling fan (D)
4 A/C Compressor
5 Cooling fan (B)
6 N/U
7 ECU (Pink /Purple)
8 Signal converter module, vehicle speed left (orange)
9 Right signal converters
10 Fuel Pump (Pink/Purple)
11 Heated rear window (grey /beige)
12 Washer pump and headlight
13 Auxililary Ignition (yellow)
14 Starter (yellow)
15 Ignition (yellow)
16 Rear fog (small black)
17 N/U
18 PL R Park (small black)
19 High beam (small black)
20 PL L Park (small black)
21 Low beam (small black)

The Box next to the battery, held down with 7 torx screws. (weatherproof when refitting top)


1 K24D dead lock
2 K24A drivers door
3 K24C unlock
4 K24B lock
5 K74 rear washer pump
6 K70 front washer pump
7 K67 horn alarm Horn Relay
8 K54 licence plate
9 K68B wiper stage 2
10 K47 trumpet horn
11 K69A wiper stage 1
12 K56 rear wiper
13 K66 Turn signal, yellow large relay at front, twin section inside cover.
14 N/U
15 N/U
16 N/U
17 BCM (Body Control Module or Multi timer)

..................From Fred in Essex 2017
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