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Have you ever wanted mousepads with the same quality as those that cost a lot? Computer systems include a mouse that handles all input to our computers. It can cause the entire computer system to fail with a faulty mouse.
To keep the computer system running smoothly, it is essential to maintain a mouse in excellent working condition. People typically use mouse pads that are expensive and damaged within a month.
In that case, what to use instead of a mouse pad? What do you say? Nothing to worry about! I'll show you as many alternatives for a mouse pad that make a smooth surface for you!
  • Newspaper
  • Magazines
  • Wax Papers
  • Duct Tape
  • Sketchbook
What to Use Instead of A Mouse Pad?

It's common not to have a mouse pad handy when you need one. A regular mouse pad is not the only option available. You may even be familiar with some of the alternatives.
Mousepads are not very portable, so we seldom carry them. While using a laptop, people are constantly moving, so it is necessary to bring the mouse pad everywhere, which is commonly forgotten.
As laptop touchpads are not ideal for some laptop users, they need a mouse. Here are some alternative mouse pads you can use in an emergency if you don't have your mouse pad while on a trip.
#1. Newspaper
Newspapers make excellent makeshift mousepads as they're cheap and easy to find. Also, it's a perfect way to reuse an old newspaper you don't want to throw away. To create a square from the paper, cut it into strips and glue them together.
To make a mouse pad out of old newspapers, cut and glue the pages together. It may be necessary to use more glue to get a thick, even mouse pad.
#2. Magazines
Numerous magazines in every household can be used as mousepads. Cut the sticky pages to fit your mouse pad by removing the sticky pages.
Check if they are smooth enough by lying them flat and firm on a solid surface. I typically use this, so I'm pretty confident magazines can make an excellent mouse pad!
#3. Wax Papers
At first glance, the wax papers appear to have no connection with the computer since they are usually found in the kitchen. Nevertheless, its smooth surface makes it convenient to use as a mouse pad. You only need to slice a strip from the roll to use it as a mouse pad.
#4. Duct Tape
You can use duct tape for various purposes, including a mouse pad. It is an excellent material for making a DIY mouse pad.
Make sure you cut out and stick a few pieces of the roll equal in length from side to side. Now, it's ready to use! According to your choice and need, make them fancy.
#5. Sketchbook
A sketchbook page is an inexpensive alternative to mousepads with many same features. For general purposes, they are pretty good, but they will wear out fast.
Furthermore, since they are sturdy and typically come in large sizes, they can be used as a makeshift mouse pad since they offer more wiggle room. It can be used as a writing pad when you're done gaming with it.
What Surfaces to Avoid as a Mouse Pad?
You should take care of your mouse if you want it to last a long time, such as using mouse pads. When using the new modernized optical sensor mouse, you will notice the difference between using a mouse with a pad and without.
Using a mouse without a mouse pad is not advisable over the long term. When mousepads were introduced, they were made of a specific surface, but they became available in various materials as technology advanced.
Surfaces are more critical than other factors in influencing mouse performance.

  • It is common to experience jittering and loss of tracking when moving the mouse over smooth and reflective surfaces. You should avoid using a mouse on wooden or glass surfaces that are highly polished.
  • A relatively smooth surface should be underneath the mouse. For this reason, avoid smooth or bumpy surfaces. Glass tables, shiny surfaces, and mirrors are all poor choices.
  • Fabric arms of couches and similar soft fabrics do not provide any sensory information for a mouse.
  • It has been repeatedly recommended that the computer table be kept clean. Dirt from the surface rolled into the mouse when moved across the messy surface. If the mouse has rollers, a dirty surface will significantly affect it.
  • When working with glossy surfaces, you should avoid using your optical mouse, as it will only detect the reflection. The use of an optical sensor mouse is the best work with a mouse pad.

Wind Up
You can use various materials to create makeshift mouse pads. Choosing the right mouse pad depends on its comfort and practicality. Choosing the right mouse pad is blessing and you can try strumace mouse pads for Quality use and good gaming experience.
It is vital to have a smooth surface to prevent the mouse pad from slipping around too much when used for gaming. To avoid hand cramps or fatigue, use a soft mouse pad for long periods.
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