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2005 corsa c z10xep. facelift
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Hi all im haveing trouble getting my car sorted. i keep getting error code P0170 - (3) FUEL TRIM MALFUNCTION (BANK 1) - PRESENT.
my car has had a new
bosch MAF sensor
both pre and post cat lambda sensors
new bosch temp sensor
new egr valve
new purge valves and vent valves
car has no split intake/ vac lines
if i do a 02 block relarn the light will stay off for around 60-100 miles before flagging on again its not fueling any diffrent and drives the same. the only thing left to cheack is map sensors and oil pressure switch.
when the light comes on it stores the fuel trim as -1% and resets to 0% when the lights off. any help appreciated. i have noticed a slight exhaust leak untill it wamrs up. any ides many thanks Josh!
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