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Hi all,

First post and I just wanted to say I have been reading prior threads which has gotten me this far.
So thanks.

Basically my partners 2001 Holden Barina XC (Corsa C)- (she bought it brand new), has developed an issue.

Cheap code reader shows P1550 & P1120.

I know this has been covered a bit on previous posts so please forgive me but I can not work out what to do now?

i have done some reading & testing and discovered when the light is on I only have a single 5V signal at Throttle pedal.
When the light is not on I have 2 x 5V signals.

Automotive lighting Guitar accessory Motor vehicle Font Musical instrument

I also have a picture showing voltages found at the Throttle body.
Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Bumper Automotive design

I am assuming it is the common ECU fault, vibration/Heat has affected a 5V output?

I would just like some confirmation if possible??

Also any suggestions on the best fix?
Can I just steal the 5V feed from the working wire on the Throttle pedal?

I am also happy to try and repair the ECU itself and maybe resolder if someone has any pictures or a wiring Diagram showing pins etc?

I am just a little confused on the best approach.

Thanks in advance
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