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I am just on the beginning stages of doing a Z20LET conversion and noticed all the threads are from years ago so I’m just creating this thread to see if some things can be made more straight forward rather than being told 10 different ways so far I have a list together some with prices I have found if anyone could add to this please do I’m going to keep this updated as I go so others can do the build start to finish in the most simple way.

The Parts list I have so far:

Z20let engine
F23 gearbox and shafts
Astra gsi engine mount £20
Conversion f23 gearbox Mount £30
Front engine mount subframe bracket £30 -this is a bolt on bracket that saves welding one on
Adjustable Alternator bracket £20 -to delete the aux belt tensioner
Corsa 1.7 rear gearbox fork £10
Conversion hubs £110
Z12xe ecu kit £50 (as I have a twinport ecu z12xep and these can’t have a map flashed onto them)

I have part numbers for these but Prices vary
1.7 CDti gear linkages 24461921
1.7 gear selector 5535367

Bits I’m yet to find
Bigger brakes(Meriva vxr)
Flash file for ecu
Radiator? Astra gsi?
Front mount intercooler
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