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Hello CCUK,

Before we get started I wish to thank Warren G of WG Motorworks for letting me compile his work into a free guide for you all to follow.

Let’s start with what you’re going to need….
Soldering Iron

  • Solder
  • Heat shrink
  • Pick / Paper clip
  • Long nose pliers
  • Spare Wire
  • Ideally OpCom aswell
  • Wiring Pins
By now you should of fitted your Z20LEx Engine into your Corsa C, all fuel lines connected and ready to start….Mount the ECU onto the Firewal, Change the Immobiliser ring and chip in the car to the ones from the donor car.

Plug your Injection Loom Wiring harness onto the left hand side plug. Now take the Corsa body wiring harness. Cut the cable tie, and use a small pick to unclip the cover.

Turn the Plug over and you will see small red or purple tap – use the pick again to lever it out like below.

This will now allow us to pull out the ECU pins.

Lets look at the ECU Plug, as this is our reference point to What we are doing, you can see numbers on it starting from 1 to 64 – in 4 rows of 16.

The First Pin we remove is Pin 29, (brown/blue) for the immobiliser.

(NOTE: Z10XE and Z12XE already have this Brown/Blue wire in Pin 13 Already! So Ignor this Step)

Also Note: Your ECU may not have some ECU pin’s – you will have to get spares from donor car, especially non aircon models.

Pull the pin directly upwards without too much force….and it will just slide out.

We are going to move this to Pin 13.
In order to do this we have to remove the blanking plastic insert.

(Note this isn’t Pin 3)

The way to do this is to push a paper clip into the pin hole.

(Note Not Pin 13)
Then pull out the small bit of plastic with long nose pliers.

You can now insert the wire you removed from Pin 29 into Pin 13, note it will only go in one way, push down with your hands to make sure is seated all the way down – then turn over to check it is all the way down.

Next we move onto Pin 62 (Brown White) Your High speed fan switch to Pin 29 (the one you just removed)

Note Z10XE and Z12XE – some do not have a wire in Pin 62 – Use pin 14 instead (low speed fan)

Then, Pin 46 (Brown Red) – this is the fuel pump wire –This is going to Pin 62.

(Note Z10XE & Z12XE Ignor this Step!)

Next we take Pin 14, and move along one to pin 17.

This wire needs to be CUT, and then tapped into Pin 49 like below.

(So remove pin 14 to pin 17, Cut the wire (the rest of the wire is no longer used) and splice it into in 49 wire).

You have just added an additional power feed to the ECU here.
Non Aircon Models fit your own Pin Wire, If you are using pin 14 for the Fan Mod (step above)

Now we need to wire in the barometric pressure sensor (the sensor mounted on the ECU plate).

Hopefully you should have got the wiring plug with the engine you bought….if not you can use you 3 pin cam shaft sensor wiring plug.

Please Note: looms might not have any pics in Pin 53 or 45 – You will have to get your own wiring pins and add these wires in yourself.

Next we take Pin 5 (Brown/White).

Cut into this and add a wire to Pin 2 of the Barometric Plug
(You have just taken a 5v Feed)

Now take Pin 53 (black / white)

This can be cut and directly go to pin 1 of the barometric plug.

The final wire for the barometric pressure sensor, remove Pin 30 ( (ECU) Brown/ yellow, and move to Pin 23 (ECU), Cut this wire and go direcy to pin 3 on the barometric sensor plug

Some looms (Non Aircon) Looms may not have Pin 30, supply your own
Now neaten up any loose ends with heat shrink etc before moving onto the next step.

Double check all pins are fully pushed down by checking the underside to visually check.

Once that’s checked, refit the plastic pin locking sleeve, this should go in without force.

Now the final piece, The Grey 6 pin plug (hopefully you have the one off the donor car)

This is The Grey Plug that is on the injection loom wiring loom – This needs to be connected to your corsa loom (Black plugs with red or purpleTab)

Wire are like for like, so
Red/ blue to red /blue
Red/white to red/ white
Black to Black

If you have a Blue/ Green wire (Z10XE/Z12XE) this is for your oil pressure switch – this needs to be connected to your oil pressure switch on the Oil Pump.

For XEP Models – You need to connect your Oil Pressure Switch to Pin 56 on the ECU, again supply your own Pin.

Unfortunately we didn't get the matching plug……but make sure they all go to the same colours.

You will notice on the engine side of this 6 pin plug it has 2 extra wires – we need to cut the brown/white wire as this is for the Rear boost control solenoid.

Take you rear boost control solenoid wiring out of the Astra start charging loom on the donar car, into the wiring with this grey plug – connect the white wire from the control solenoid to the brown/white wire, and tap the black wire into the main black wire and connect to the RBCS (rear boost control solenoid).

If you are running the Aux water pump, - You can connect to the Aircon compressor wiring plug, and it will work correctly.

Plug all the plugs in,
Check connections –
Turn on ignition
Check for fuel leaks
Check for any codes
Start the car!

Now the cooling fan……earlier we wired the high or low speed cooling fan into the ECU, as the Astra Z20LET use a cooling module to control the fans, and wont run ECU controlled.

You can either wiring in a Fan switch sensor in a water way to the Fan relay (Pin 29) Or the way we do it, Map and program it to run the cooling Fan ECU controlled

We take no responsibility for any faults the could occur due to bad wiring, and not following the guide correctly.
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